Organizational Goals

  • To empower readers with an in-depth understanding of Bill 10 – An Act to Amend the Alberta Bill of Rights to Protect Our Children, passed March 2015 (so-called “GSA Law” or “LGBTQ Student Rights Law”), including associated policies, and key stakeholders. 
  • To reveal the realized and potential impacts of the legislation and associated guidance from the perspectives of Education Ministry, Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), school boards, school staff, students, and parents.
  • To explain the collision of human rights and charter freedoms brought on by Bill 10 “sexual minority-affirmative” legislation and policies.
  • To explain from parental and faith-based perspectives where the boundary markers lie, defining the agreeable, the tolerable, and the intolerable legislation and guidance.
  • To propose legal and administrative remedies to clarify ambiguities and/or address clear grievances with Bill 10.
  • To petition the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to affirm through remedial legislation long-established parental rights and responsibilities, to uphold traditional Alberta family autonomy from the state, and to establish stakeholder balance and boundaries to sexual minority activism in Alberta schools.

Organizational Methodologies

  • Understand the key background politics and social dynamics leading to approval of Bill 10.
  • Review the legislation and associated guidance to understand the intended goals.
  • Assess the credibility of so-called “evidence-based best practices” and the justifications for the Bill asserted by advocates of the legislation.
  • Assess the rationality of the law to the stated goals.
  • Assess the rationality of the law to minimize impairment of rights and freedoms.

About the Founder, Researcher and Author – Carman Bradley

I have been married since 1978 and have three daughters, a son-in-law, two granddaughters and a grandson in our extended family. The catalyst for my initial public involvement in what might best be described as an on-going societal conflict of rights, interests and worldviews occurred in 2000. My then 16 year-old daughter was told during a guest speaker presentation by Calgary Birth Control Association (now Calgary Centre for Sexuality) at her school that:

Being ‘gay’ is part of your genes you have no choice. Your only choice is whether you practice it or not.” [My daughter’s words]

These unproven assertions were unauthorized and direct challenges to her Christian beliefs and our deeply held family values. In response to my written questioning, the host teacher indicated that the lecture was on the topic of Sexual Assault and the Calgary Board of Education had no curriculum guidance for instruction on homosexuality. The host teacher stated the guest speaker was only giving “her personal beliefs.

[In the domain of human sexuality instruction such ideological and political-based intrusions into children’s education are continuing concerns for many Alberta mothers and fathers.  Parents no longer have any idea of who is influencing their children, where and when this is happening, nor have parents any control over what is being taught.  Worse, since approval of Bill 10, Alberta Education is in the same predicament, now championing unsupervised and unregulated GSA clubs, open to children (ages 5-18), secret from parental awareness and approval, connected to unfettered GSA Networks, and further linked to unaccountable advocacy agencies.]

From January 2001 to March 2004, I researched and wrote Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? Conflicting Worldviews and Same-Sex Marriage. For a free PDF version of the book, click here

I founded and wrote StandForGod.Org in December 2004 and MarriageReality.Org in January 2005.   

In January 2015, I sent an “Open Letter on the Rights of Catholic and Faith-Based Schools to ‘Not Welcome’ LGBTQ Student Clubs” to Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association as part of RMCLA Human Rights Committee’s Public Consultations on Gay-Straight Alliances.  A similar letter was sent to my MLA, Gordon Dirks – Calgary-Elbow (then Minister of Education). One month later the Alberta government unanimously approved Bill 10.

In November 2016, I founded and launched Bill10CourtChallenge.Org. The 2020 Petition is the most recent Bill 10 Court Challenge Organization social activism. My formal education includes a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, a Masters of War Studies, and a Masters of Business Administration. I am a Canadian Forces veteran. I also taught Business Operations for ten years, subsequently working as a Business Management Consultant for a decade before retiring in 2018.