Key Analysis & Documentation

Apr 2022: A Remedy for the Mismatch Between UCP Principles/Commitments and Actual Alberta Governance
Oct 2020:  Updated Graphic Case for the Petition and Government Remedial Action
Sep 2020: Bad Governance Has Consequences – Social Conservative Silence and In-action Have Consequences
July 2020: What is Hidden Behind GSA Law and SOGI Self-Identity Policies

Dec 2019: SOCON Response to Choice in Education

Dec 2019: On SOGI-GSA Matters Parents Have a Right to Know What Their 5,6,7,8,9,10… Year-Olds Are Doing at School

Apr 2019: Application to Federal Court Challenges Program for Test Case Funding – Rejected Without Comment

Feb 2019: Breaking the Mirrors and Removing the Smoke: A Primer on GSA/SOGI Politics

Nov 2018 – The K-12 Identity Politics Experiment (Ontario and Alberta)

Aug 2018: Social Conservative View from Under the Bus

Mar 2018: Analysis of Inclusive Education Policy and GSA Law (Bills 10 & 24) Version 2

Nov 2017: Response to UCP Statement on Bill 24

Nov 2016: Initial Bill 10 Analysis – Bill 10CourtChallenge.Org Website Goals, Abstract, and Summary