Petition Forms & Instructions

The following are instructions to comply with Alberta Guidelines for Submitting Petitions to the Legislative Assembly and email advice from the Office of Parliamentary Counsel. [Note electronic format petitions are non-compliant.]

Click here for an 8.5×11 inch portrait-orientation PDF of the Petition. This form can be used in multiple pages when many signatures are collected.  Each page has 20 signature spaces.

  1. Plainly print your first and last name and your address (your city, town, municipality, or county is sufficient). All signers must be Alberta residents age 18 or older.
  2. All signatures on this petition must be original. Petition pages with photocopied signatures are non-compliant and will be rejected.
  3. In fulfilment of the need for original signatures, signed petition forms must be mailed to the following address for collection:

Petition to Alberta Legislative Assembly
C/O Bill 10 Court Challenge Organization
2017 50th Ave SW
Calgary AB, T2T 2W4

  1. As feasible please maximize the number of signers on each completed form prior to mailing. Please reach out to your friends, relatives, associates, neighbours, and/or congregation to make all aware of the petition.
  2. There is no time limit on the duration for collecting signatures. We currently have significant signatories coming from the cities, towns and counties shown below. Over the summer and throughout the new UCP leadership campaigns we will be actively pursuing leadership candidates to clarify their positions on the related matters and also engaging UCP Private Members for a MLA volunteer to present the petition before the Alberta Legislative Assembly  in November 2022. The petitioning process will remain open/on-going through to November 2022.
  3. Regarding this notice at the bottom of the petition form: Please note:  The name and address of the persons who sign this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented in the Legislative Assembly. Once presented to the Legislative Assembly, the petition will be filed in the Legislative Library as a sessional paper available for review by the public.

Thank you.